The following are the leading five foreign student online colleges international money for college plans awarded by the government of that said region.

International Ibsen Scholarships within Norway

International Ibsen Scholarships got initiated in the year 2007 by the government of Norway and for the first time, handed out in 2008 to online colleges participants. Scholarships that are awarded to the ones who attend online universities are given innovative projects within the industry of performing arts and drama, as well as projects acting as incentives for crucial discourse regarding society and existential-associated subject matters that concern Henrik Ibsen.

April is the deadline for the application.

CUD ARES Scholarships

Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Minister for Development Cooperation entrust the institutions of Belgian Higher Education with the preparing of Post-graduate programs (Advanced Masters), as well as Training programs specifically designed toward younger professionals from developing countries. Inside the program for International Courses & Training programs ARES will grant 150 scholarships to online degree participants for participation in the masters, as well as 70 scholarships for participation in the training programs.

Deadline for the application is: Feb. 11

Swiss Government Scholarship Opportunities

Government of Switzerland, via FCS, awards to the ones who attend online universities different postgraduate money for college to researchers and scholars:

  • University scholarships (Federal Institutes of Technology, as well as Swiss universities)
  • Arts scholarships (fine arts, as well as music schools, solely for a restricted amount of countries).

The funds provide students from every industry attending online universities a chance to pursue doctoral or post-doctoral studies within Switzerland in one of the recognized institutions or public-funded universities.

Deadline for the application: Will vary by country for those getting an online degree, yet begins around August.

Beijing Government Scholarships

(BGS), or Beijing Government Scholarship, was set up by the Beijing Municipal Government, with the goal of providing tuition fees partially or fully to the international students pursuing an online degree who are studying or applying for study inside Beijing.

Deadline for the application: prior to the end of Feb. each year

Government Scholarships of Japan

The MEXT that Japanese governments provide scholarships for students wishing to study at universities in Japan as undergraduate students in online colleges underneath the MEXT 2015 Japanese Government Scholarship plan.

Deadline for the application: differs according to country. Call consulate general or Japanese embassy inside your country.