Picking the right online college degree program is important if you want to add value to your resume. There are many factors that you need to consider when you choose a college degree online.

As there are numerous online bachelor degree programs, students tend to get overwhelmed and confused when making the choice. If you make a wrong choice you may not be able to benefit from online education.

Accreditation Is of Utmost Importance

One of the first things that you need to look for when choosing a college degree online is accreditation. When a college or university is accredited it means that they have met the highest standards of education that have been specified by local and state education authorities.

Accredited online bachelor degree is also the preferred choice of employers looking to hire students that have completed their education. Working professionals with online college degree from accredited colleges and universities are able to do better at the workplace.

The other benefit of doing an online bachelor degree from an accredited college is that the students may be able to transfer their credits to other reputed colleges easily.

Faculty Certification and Training

Even when you choose a college degree online you may require some kind of assistance from online instructors or faculty. The faculty needs to have necessary certification and training so that they may be able to assist you in class work and completion of projects and assignments.

Working professionals doing online college degree need to be guided properly as they do not attend regular classes. The role of the online faculty and instructor becomes much more important in such cases.

Grants for Education

All reputed colleges and universities offer some kind of financial assistance to students. This can be in the form of grants for education, loans and scholarships. One of the important things that you need to remember is that not all online students are eligible for grants and other types of financial assistance.

Each college has a set of rules and regulations that stipulate as to who is eligible for grants and other kinds of financial aid. The bachelor, master’s and doctorate programs that you choose are also factors that are considered when allocating financial assistance.

Read student reviews about the various online education programs that are available. Avoid colleges that do not have good reviews. Choose online learning programs that are of interest to you so that you are able to complete them successfully.

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Online colleges and online universities provide several benefits that you can never get from a traditional college. When choosing an online degree, you need to pay close attention to accreditation, cost, duration of the online program, faculty and technical support.

Online colleges and online universities are so popular among students and working professionals because they provide them the freedom to study from anywhere and anytime. You do not to have fixed studying times and this provides a lot of flexibility to juggle your work commitments with education.

The three basic types of online degree that are provided by online colleges and online universities include:

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctorate

Students wishing to do any type of online degree need to ascertain the minimum qualifications that they need to fulfil to qualify for enrolment.

Is the college accredited?

Accredited colleges have approved online programs and courses that meet the best quality standards that have been specified by the education department. This ensures that you get the best education.

As the quality of education is of the highest standards, employers prefer students that have completed their education from accredited institutions. As the programs have up-to-date curriculum the students may be able to handle any kind of situation at the workplace.

Students changing college or university may be able to transfer their credits if they had completed their online education from accredited colleges and universities. Avoid colleges that make false claims about accreditation. They are definitely not worth your valuable time and money.

Does the college have a good reputation?

The reputation of the colleges and universities that are offering online education is extremely important. Students that have completed online education from reputed colleges may be able to get better jobs.

Employers prefer employees from reputed colleges as they can then be assured that they have the necessary skills to do well at their jobs. Read reviews so that you are able to learn about the reputation of the college.

What are the different scholarships for college?

Colleges and universities that provide online education offer the same financial assistance that is offered by traditional colleges. The financial assistance may in the form of scholarships for college, grants and loans.

The eligibility criteria for these scholarships, grants and loans may vary from one college to the other. Students are advised to gain knowledge about the criterion they need to fulfil so that they can get financial assistance. Choose the college carefully and secure your future.

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The traditional education options are not just costly but also time consuming. You may have to attend classes when you opt for a regular college and this may not be possible if you are working professional.

The online degree programs are specifically designed for working professionals and they can take advantage of them to gain knowledge, skills and progress well in their chosen career.

Access Classes Anytime Anywhere

The biggest benefit of online degree programs is that you may be able to access the class anytime and from anywhere. You can be in any part of the country and yet access the online degree from anywhere. This is really helpful for working professionals having tight work schedules.

The study material, projects and assignments are all available online and students may be able to access them whenever they want. All that they need is a secure internet connection and laptop or computer to access the class and study materials.

Study Anytime

Most students opt for online colleges because they are not able to attend traditional college classes that are held at fixed time of the day or evening. When they choose online degree programs they may be able to schedule their study time whenever they want.

Low Cost of Education

Students choosing to do online degree courses through online colleges may be able to save money on tuition fees, commute, books and other associated costs. There are some online colleges that charge the same tuition fees as is charged at traditional colleges.

When you choose to do an online degree, you do not have to buy expensive textbooks as the entire study material for the course is available online. There are many colleges and universities that offer e-libraries and students may be able to access books from this facility.

Access to Scholarships for College

Students studying in traditional colleges have access to various types of financial assistance packages. Scholarships for college is also available to students that have chosen online education.

The scholarship that is given to students may vary from one college to the other. Colleges and universities also specify many rules and regulations that need to be fulfilled, so that students can avail of financial assistance easily.

Grants and loans are the other types of financial assistance that are provided to students and working professionals.

As students are able to study in a comfortable environment as per their individual schedule they are able to successfully complete the online programs and achieve success in their careers.

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The following are the leading five foreign student online colleges international money for college plans awarded by the government of that said region.

International Ibsen Scholarships within Norway

International Ibsen Scholarships got initiated in the year 2007 by the government of Norway and for the first time, handed out in 2008 to online colleges participants. Scholarships that are awarded to the ones who attend online universities are given innovative projects within the industry of performing arts and drama, as well as projects acting as incentives for crucial discourse regarding society and existential-associated subject matters that concern Henrik Ibsen.

April is the deadline for the application.

CUD ARES Scholarships

Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Minister for Development Cooperation entrust the institutions of Belgian Higher Education with the preparing of Post-graduate programs (Advanced Masters), as well as Training programs specifically designed toward younger professionals from developing countries. Inside the program for International Courses & Training programs ARES will grant 150 scholarships to online degree participants for participation in the masters, as well as 70 scholarships for participation in the training programs.

Deadline for the application is: Feb. 11

Swiss Government Scholarship Opportunities

Government of Switzerland, via FCS, awards to the ones who attend online universities different postgraduate money for college to researchers and scholars:

  • University scholarships (Federal Institutes of Technology, as well as Swiss universities)
  • Arts scholarships (fine arts, as well as music schools, solely for a restricted amount of countries).

The funds provide students from every industry attending online universities a chance to pursue doctoral or post-doctoral studies within Switzerland in one of the recognized institutions or public-funded universities.

Deadline for the application: Will vary by country for those getting an online degree, yet begins around August.

Beijing Government Scholarships

(BGS), or Beijing Government Scholarship, was set up by the Beijing Municipal Government, with the goal of providing tuition fees partially or fully to the international students pursuing an online degree who are studying or applying for study inside Beijing.

Deadline for the application: prior to the end of Feb. each year

Government Scholarships of Japan

The MEXT that Japanese governments provide scholarships for students wishing to study at universities in Japan as undergraduate students in online colleges underneath the MEXT 2015 Japanese Government Scholarship plan.

Deadline for the application: differs according to country. Call consulate general or Japanese embassy inside your country.

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These are the top 5 foreign student international scholarship programs offered by the government of that said country.

Joint World Bank/Japan Graduate Scholarship Plan Japan

The government of Japan and the World Bank, through the Joint World Bank/Japan Graduate Scholarship Plan, provide scholarships for Master’s Degrees to post-graduate students pursuing online degree programs from developing countries in order to study inside Japan. It’s expected that scholars pursuing online degree programs might go back to their countries in order to apply their enhanced skills and knowledge toward assisting in accelerating the pace of social and economic development.

Deadline for the application: March 31st

Government of Mis Malaysia International Scholarships in Malaysian University

The MIS (Malaysia International Scholarship) includes an initiative by the government of Malaysia to appeal to the best brains worldwide attending online degree programs in the pursuit of advanced academic studies within Malaysia. These scholarship programs have the goal of supporting the effort of the Malaysian Government to motivate, attract, and keep talented human capital abroad.

Deadline for the application: From Jan. 15 to until March 31st

Indonesian Government Scholarships

Developing Countries Partnership Program on Scholarship (Beasiswa KNB), or Kemitraan Negara Berkembang is provided for a Master’s Degree Program in one of twelve prominent online colleges inside Indonesia for a three-year period. This program has been provided, since the year 2002, to candidates of Master Degrees attending online colleges from developing countries worldwide.

Deadline for the application: The application procedure for those attending online colleges commence in Jan./Feb. and should be done no later than Mar./Ap.

IRENA Scholarship Program by Government of UAE

Within an effort to promote skilled academics, and the generous support of the United Arab Emirates government, IRENA is giving up to twenty scholarships to those pursuing an online degree at Abu Dhabi-based MASDAR Institute of Science & Technology. This program extends to the 8 Master of Science programs provided at MASDAR Institute.

Deadline of the application: The application procedure for IRENA Scholarship for those pursuing an online degree will open on November 1st and close on May 31.

Czech Government Scholarship Opportunities

The Czech Republic government provides numerous Master’s , undergraduate, PhD scholarships inside the network of its Foreign Development program supporting the foreign national study from developing countries in public in higher education institutions within Czech Republic for the 2012 to 2013 academic year.

Deadline for the application: will vary every year for those pursuing an online degree. Prior deadline was September 30.0

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