One way to study for school for free as a foreign student pursuing online degrees within another country includes applying for international scholarship opportunities provided by the government of that particular country. It’ll interest you to know that each year, the government of multiple countries worldwide invite international and foreign African students pursuing online degrees to study within their country on full scholarship opportunities.

Scholarships are out there for postgraduate and/or undergraduate – PhD/Masters – students pursuing online degrees. Here’s our list of top 3 government scholarship opportunities worldwide for foreign students attending an online university.

Please take note that deadlines for students attending an online university might change, and links might become unobtainable over time. But, the majority of those scholarship opportunities are provided each year for students attending an online university. Click here for more details about eligibility and how to apply for this scholarship.

ASD (Australian Development Scholarships) for African Students

AAA (Australia Awards in Africa), an Australian Government initiative, is a pan-African program of development fellowships and scholarship opportunities which provides 1,000 post-graduate scholarship opportunities every year to qualified African professionals.

Australia is dedicated to creating the leadership and capacity skills of Africans to allow them to effectively contribute to development within their home countries. Over the last 3 years, the amount of available scholarship opportunities for African professionals increased 10-fold to an overall amount of 1,000 development awards per year. One-quarter of every Australian development scholarship now is directed to Africa.

Scholarship opportunities provided since: 1980

Deadline for the application: Dec. / Jan.

Korean Government Scholarship Opportunities for Undergrads

The KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program) is provided for international students wanting to pursue Masters, Bachelors, and PhD online education at Korean Universities. This scholarship opportunity has the goal of providing international students pursuing an online education with a chance to perform advanced studies at a higher educational institution in Korea, to create global leaders, as well as strengthen Korea-friendly networks around the world. Click here for more details.

Deadline for the application: Nov. and Mar.

Taiwan Government Scholarship Opportunities for International Individuals

Taiwan ICDF (Taiwan International Cooperation & Development Fund) provides a Higher Education Scholarship Program in order to study for Undergraduate (four years), Masters (two years) and PhD (four years) online education degrees at renowned partner Taiwan universities.

Deadline for the application: The yearly application span, in principle, runs from Jan. 1st – Mar. 15th. Click here for more details.

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A college education can change the outcome of a person’s life. Unfortunately, many individuals have a difficult time affording college. Financial aid and loans are always a consideration, but with financial aid, you have the responsibility of a debt hanging over your head, as you must pay the loan back. What is the solution? The solution is School Scholarships and grants.

Scholarships specific to certain degrees are available, which helps the student to know what to apply for. The list of scholarships and aid available can get confusing. By applying for scholarships that are specific to your career, then you are narrowing the tedious processing of applying down.

What Type of Scholarships Are There?

There are scholarships for every degree that is being earned. For instance, if you are a medical student, then you can apply for a medical scholarship. These types of scholarships include scholarships for graduate students and scholarships for study abroad. There are also scholarships for journalism and engineering and everything between.

If you happen to be a student that has yet to determine their degree, then there are scholarships that are specific to you, as well. Scholarships for students that do not yet know their degree are based on various factors, such as, where you live, the school you will be attending, your background and affiliations with certain organizations or companies. Simply put, there is a scholarship program for everyone. The key is being accepted.

When you do apply for a scholarship, then make sure that you fill out the application completely. Realize that every scholarship is different, and all will have different requirements. For some, you may be required to write an essay. For others, it may simply be questions that you must fill out. The important thing is to be persistent. Not every scholarship that you apply for will you receive. Also, remember, that throughout your entire college career, there are several scholarships that you will be eligible for. The more you apply, the better you will get. Applying for a scholarship is much like marketing yourself. If you know who and what you want to be then apply for scholarships in your specific field. Don’t stop there. Apply for scholarship that is based on your location and the school in which you will attend.

The opportunities are endless. School scholarships can offset the cost of college a tremendous amount, especially when they are awarded through the student’s college career. It is not uncommon for the cost of college to be $10K or more each year. When scholarships are granted, they can dramatically decrease the amount of funds that the student must pay, which often, leaves the student in financial hardship or takes their first year’s wages to repay the loans that were necessary to fund their college education.

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The world of scholarships is an exciting one — and one that can be overwhelming. A leading financial services company reports that there are over three million scholarships worth over $16 billion in the U.S. That fact represents a huge opportunity!

You may not know how to go about finding and winning a scholarship. In fact, if you’re like lots of people, you may not even plan to pursue one because you think you can’t qualify. If so this article is for you, because here’s the most important fact to know: scholarships are for everyone.

Following are six key facts that will give you the knowledge and the confidence to begin the exciting journey toward financing your education.

1.You don’t have to be a top student or an outstanding athlete to win a scholarship.

Scholarships are provided not only by colleges and universities but also by dozens of other types of organizations and even individuals. These groups give out scholarships for a wide variety of reasons, not just to encourage top students or athletes. Some want to encourage students to enter a particular field; others want to help a specific minority or reward students for their volunteer service. At least one wants to help students who are left-handed! The point is there are scholarships to match just about anyone who takes the time to seek one out and submit an application – or even just enter a drawing!

2.Getting A Scholarship Is Not Difficult.

Just as many people assume scholarships are only for straight-A students, they also think it’s difficult to apply for and win a scholarship. It isn’t — but it does require time and effort. How important are your dreams? The process you need to follow is one you can learn, and the results could be very rewarding.

3.You can get both Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Too often people assume that Financial Aid and Scholarships are mutually exclusive and you must choose which one to apply for. This is not true. Everyone (regardless of income level) should apply for both. If not, you could be missing out on financial assistance that is available to you.

4.You don’t have to pay a fee to get access to scholarship databases.

You may have seen ads for services that will — for a fee — give you access to scholarship lists and even match you with promising opportunities. However, there are several good sources that do not charge a fee, and the design of the matching services may cause you to miss out on some promising opportunities. You can take the do-it-yourself-approach to maximize your results.

5.All scholarship opportunities cannot be found online.

While online searches are a good place to start and certainly can provide lots of information, you can find lots of promising scholarships by doing some “old school” searching close to home. The scholarships you find this way may be smaller (though not necessarily!), but they can add up fast. Since many people do focus solely on internet searching, you may have a better chance of winning these scholarships since you will have less competition.

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It has turn out to be more in demand currently than ever before to get an affordable online degree. The recognition of online learning is expected to keep on rising in the times to come as more and more students take benefit from the profits that online education offers over traditional learning in a ground school.

1. Convenience
A lot of traditional college students leave their institution without even graduating. What is the reason behind this? Majority of students end school for the reason that they don’t want to go to class or do the work. However, online learning is not same at all. When you get a college degree online, you have the flexibility to study at your own convenience, on the time which is most suitable for you.

2. Finding a good job
Certainly you can get employment with no a college degree, although if you do have a degree, it’s more feasible that you’ll find a job with better salary package. Merely having a high school diploma confines the type of profession you can have as in today’s aggressive job market, companies would like to have advanced qualifications.

3. Helping in promotion
If you have a job by now, getting an online degree can facilitate you to find a better one. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, think about getting a master’s degree or doctorate. Online schools let you to carry on permanent job at the same time as you get a college degree online.

4. Increase in Salary
More or less at all times, higher education means higher salary. It has been confirmed that individuals with a bachelor’s degree being paid more during the course of a lifetime as compared to those individuals who just have a high school education.

5. Affordability
The cost to earn an online degree is more or less same as it would have been to earn one in a ground school. However, online learning can assist you save cash on other everyday expenditure connected with commuting to college, relocation and travel expenses.

6. First class education
A while ago, various online for-profit educational institutions earned a bad status due to their employment policies and graduation rate figures. Therefore, recognized online schools have started putting more effort to guarantee the quality of teaching that their students get should be first-class.

7. Helps you in gaining admiration
If you obtain a college degree online, you can position yourself with other college graduates all over the nation. The higher level of schooling you have, the more admiration you get both from other academicians and individuals without a degree.

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Many people think that college education is beyond their means. However, there are many college programs that are paid for which Americans are now taking advantage. For those for whom college education seems very expensive there are other options namely federal aid and scholarships. You can also apply for free grants through which your entire college education will be paid for by the private institutions or federal government.

Irrespective of the fact whether you are a new student passed from high school, or a single mother seeking to start afresh you can get all the help you are looking for to get your college degree. Free money is offered by several government institutions for making your dream come true.

You must spare time and find out about the various options that are available to you. You can learn about various programs that provide state, federal or private aid using which you can cover the cost of your textbook expenses, college fees and others. You can know about all this at the financial aid office at your particular university. Many people are not aware of such programs because they have not met the right people who could educate them on these matters. Students who are really interested to pursue their college degree will do their research and find out programs that can assist them in funding their college degree.

Many students who may not find the time to attend regular classes in the university can also take classes online and at their own schedule and earn their college degree. The Pell Grant stimulus package is making available tons of money to deserving students to enable them to complete their degree. This can be done even from the comfort of their home which can be of great use when they already have a family to support.

Don’t allow your lack of funding to deter your desire to attend the school of your choice. there are several student grants available if you take the first step and apply. Research grant applications online and speak with school counselors to determine the ones that best match your needs.

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